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SS Misr  Fact Sheet 
SS Misr Sailing Dates
2018          2019
SS Misr Deck Plan
SS Misr Itinerary 7NTS cruise Lxr-Lxr

 SS Misr


Explore the wonders of the ancient Egyptian world in luxury and historic charm on the SS Misr by Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts. Originally built by the British Royal Navy in 1918 and later converted into a luxury Nile steamer for King Farouk, the SS Misr is a true time capsule that rekindles the nostalgia of a golden age, with true luxury accommodation, cuisine and service.SS Misr offers 16 cabins and eight suites along with a luxurious bar and lounge, restaurants, and a large sun deck with a swimming pool.


The SS Misr has 16 cabins and eight suites that recreate the days of Louis XV and XVI, memories of the British and Ottoman Empires and the stunningly cool chic of Art Deco.


All cabins and suites feature a private balcony overlooking the breathtaking view of the Nile. They are fully equipped with a private bathroom, air-conditioning, hairdryer, minibar, satellite TV, internal telephone, safe deposit box and two life jackets.


Gourmet cuisine, crystal, fine china and impeccable service from staff dressed as in King Farouk’s reign complete the air of regal excellence. The lavish elegance of Marasem Restaurant allows diners to enjoy gourmet dishes and "live the period" with black and white pictures of the royal family and key happenings in Egypt's history adorning the entire facade of one wall.


The English-style Dhabiyyat Bar is the meeting place for pre-dinner drinks. The Saraya Lounge is ideal for after-dinner drinks were you can relax and enjoy live piano melodies. The steamship’s Tashrifa Lobby, sundecks and pool are the perfect venues to relax after taking in the wonders of the Upper Nile.

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