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Movenpick has one of the most luxurious Dahabiya cruise boat currently sailing on the Nile. Movenpick Feddya launched in October 2012, it has just 4 suites, each with a different colour scheme/design and served by a dedicated butler. If you have been waiting to explore the history of Egypt across the serene Nile, this is your chance as Movenpick Feddya presents the best Nile cruise packages ever.


Movenpick Feddya is one of the small and new concept of luxury and contemporary sailing boat on the Nile River between Luxor and Aswan providing the services and facilities of 5 Star Deluxe.


The best thing about these cruises is that you get to witness some of the best manmade as well as natural structures on the fascinating land of Egypt while enjoying the royal treatment extended to guests on the ship. From the amazing temples, monuments to places of historic significance, you get to see everything you have ever wanted to see by being a part of Movenpick Nile cruises.

SB Feddya


A unique way to cruise the Nile. Mövenpick SB Feddya is a boutique sailboat sailing the river Nile between Luxor and Aswan, offering fantastic shore excursions to explore the ancient Egyptian wonders.


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Mövenpick Dahabiya Cruises

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