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Egypt - FamTrip 

Ancient wonders surrounded by golden sands makes the majesty of Egypt a trip of a lifetime. Home to one of the world’s first great civilisations and more ancient wonders than you can shake a stick at, Egypt needs little introduction. With world famous pyramids, tomb strewn Valley of the Kings and the mighty temple of Philae, Egypt has attracted travellers since classical times. But there's more to Egypt than pharaohs, mummies and hieroglyphics. Take a luxury cruise or sail aboard a felucca on the longest river in the world - the Nile.


What better way to experience any country than through the eyes of the people who live there? With carefully planned itineraries that cover as much as is comfortably possible and 5* accommodation, we’ve got Egypt well and truly covered.  Get a close up experience with Egitalloyd travel tour. Book today.


Arrival Every Wednesday


          City                                       Hotel Name                                                   Nts                                           Categories  

        Cairo                 Four Seasons at The First Residence                      2 Nts                                        Deluxe Room

   Nile Cruise           MayFair Nile Cruise                                                         3 Nts                                        Deluxe Cabin    

         Cairo                Four Season at Nile Plaza                                            2 Nts                                Deluxe Room

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