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Afandina tour is limited to just 16 passengers or fewer as this is the capacity of the Afandina. This luxury Dahabiya is probably the finest on the river with five star service throughout, very comfortable cabins and a better than 1:1 staff ratio! There is a sense of space and calm on board and it truly is a wonderful way to enjoy the timeless scenery of the Nile.


The journey for eight of the nights will be on the Nile on a private 5 star Dahabiya, the Afandina, a replica of the ancient sailing vessels, whose amenities include a personal chef and a generous, hospitable crew that can satisfy our every travel need.


The rooms have been ergonomically designed for maximum utility and comfort. While the ‘Afandina’ will have the best that modern technology allows, the ancient ways and traditions will also be respected, such as using lanterns in the evenings for dinners on the open deck, and obtaining fresh food organically grown, and cooked and baked in the traditional manner.


‘Afandina’ will also be equipped with a library with books on ancient and modern Egypt, as well as a mini planetarium with astronomical software and a telescope for stargazing at night in the crystal clear skies of Upper Egypt.

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