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Birds of Egypt Tour 

A Special tour to Egypt combines a unique historical discovery of the country with an ornithological flavor, which will make this program a wonderful journey not only for art–history aficionados and archaeology buffs, but also for bird watchers. The tour has been specifically timed to coincide with the peak of spring migration, when the myriads of Palearctic birds that winter in sub-Saharan Africa return to their breeding grounds in Europe and Western Asia. In the breathtaking landscape of the Nile Valley, surrounded by the splendors of ancient Egypt, we will have exciting opportunities to observe these splendid species..


Whether you have visited Egypt before or not, this tour will undoubtedly provide you with a new and fresh look on the fascinating world of ancient Egypt..

Birds of Egypt Tour



          City                                       Hotel Name                                                       Nts                                          Categories  

        Cairo                    Four Seasons at The First Residence                  2 Nts                                        Deluxe Room

   Nile Cruise               Farah Nile Cruise                                                             3 Nts                                        Deluxe Cabin    

         Cairo                   Four Season at Nile Plaza                                           2 Nts                              Deluxe Room

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