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 Hadeel Dahabiya   



The Hadeel is a vintage Nile dahabiyya boat, offering a combination of traditional style and modern luxury.

Sailing since October 2007, there are eight comfortable en suite cabins, although two smaller rooms can also be used on a charter only basis.


For scheduled departures there is a maximum group size of 16, meaning the wonderful sights around the Nile between Luxor and Aswan can be enjoyed with relatively personalised levels of service and guiding.


Many Nile dahabiyyas have opted for contemporary chic that can be a little sanitised, but the public areas on the Hadeel are a welcome contrast to this, with dark wood panelling and lavish furniture evoking a more colonial atmosphere.

Itineraries visit all the usual Nile cruise highlights, but there are additional visits to ruins at El Kab and a temple at Gebel El Silsila, which are not included on other Nile programmes.

The Hadeel can also moor on islands in the Nile for refreshments and relaxation, meaning the experience can offer a range of enjoyable extras to a typical Nile cruise.


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