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  Nebyt Dahabiya   



Dahabeya came into operation in November 2011 and has already a lot of fans. The boat is 43 m long and 7 m large and fitted with 6 comfortable cabins (twin and/or double beds) with large panoramic windows each and 1 luxury suite with own terrace, minibar and a Jacuzzi Whirlpool. All cabins are equipped with phone/TV, private safe, shower/toilet, hairdryer, bath shoes/bathing coat and individually controlled air-condition units. There is a restaurant, bar, lounge with TV corner, WLAN, 1 large shaded sundeck with Jacuzzi Whirlpool, comfortable and cosy Chaise lounges.


“Nebyt”, a nostalgic sailing boat, you can discover the Nile in a special way. You observe the hustle and bustle on the Nile, out of your floating hotel. The Dahabeya leads you into indescribable calmness and serenity about 200 km along the Nile. A family atmosphere is the life on board and ensures unforgettable holiday memories – you might enjoy the special service. Furthermore, the Dahabeya docks where the large cruise have no chance and must pass.


Sailboats were common in Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century when the royal family and elite travelers loved to cruise the Nile in style. They rented the boats for weeks at a time, and made their way from temple to temple enjoying the river breeze. The boats had four to ten cabins, bathrooms and a host of servants. The dahabeyas are the way to enjoy Egypt at a leisurely pace, to feel the river Nile, and slowly blend in with the civilization around the Nile River.


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