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 Sun Boat IV


Launched in 1996, she was then fully renovated in September 2006. The Sanctuary Sun Boat IV is furnished in a contemporary chic style, with an art deco influence. Contemporary fittings in state of the art designs and cutting edge technology are combined with sophisticated public areas with luxurious teak flooring for an elegant finish.


With three and four night itineraries available, this luxurious boat is available for scheduled cruises and charters for up to 80 guests.


Harmonious colours and teak flooring are used throughout the boat which, along with modern and eye-catching furniture, makes it a luxurious floating haven.


On the Sun Deck, teak is combined with Egyptian marble around the heated swimming pool, giving an eclectic look to this open area - the perfect place to relax.


All cabins, except those on the Nile Deck, have floor to ceiling windows (closed as a safety precaution), which lend the cabins an airy feel. The dining room, whose walls are decorated with hand painted images depicting everyday life in Nubia, has deep leather chairs that perfectly compliment the overall art deco feel of the boat.



  • One of only a few Nile boats to visit the Temple of Hathor at Denderah on a four night itinerary.

  • Choice of three, four and ten night itineraries, led by best Egyptologists.

  • Award-winning chefsTwo Royal and two.

  • Presidential suites offer luxury for the discerning traveller.

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