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Nile Vision Cruise


The Nile Vision Cruise a 5 ***** Deluxe Nile Cruise, has been created by Dynasty Floating Hotels & Restaurants, entirety introduced to a modern cruise that could -finally offer hospitality of superior standard.

Dynasty Floating Hotels & Restaurants proposes today a new concept of limited capacity on the Nile Vision Cruise that distinguished for Its elegance and comfort.

High level of hospitality, not recognized nowadays on the Nile, that matches with the high level of services, taking care of the tiny details, standard sailing navigation and concentrated cultural visits with the constant presence of expert speaking guides.

The program has been purposely studied in order to offer a better combination between cultures and relax. Nile Vision, with its international and refined atmosphere offers consecutive entertainments, and assures a perfect assistance, difficultly imitable.

The new Nile Vision is dedicated to particulars ones, who traveled on the land of the Pharaohs but it has not been able to experiment the fascination of a Cruise on the Nile, to who it wishes to live again and to deepen the experience of a classic cruise, and to who, for the first time, wants furrow those drawn of the Nile which sides holds the most important archaeological sites of the Egyptian civilization.

ALL CABINS & SUITES are all external.

  • Provided with private bathroom, bathtub & a hair dryer.

  • Air Conditioned adjustable

  • French windows & Balconies

  • Color TV, satellite & internal information & navigation channel.

  • Access to Internet & mini bar with extra charge.

  • Safe boxes

  • Non-smoking

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