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  Adelaïde Dahabiya  


The largest of Nour El Nil's six dahabiyas, Adelaïde provides an expansive deck and spacious rooms and suites.

Built from the ground up in late 2019, Adelaïde is the pride of Nour El Nil, offering guests the most spacious cabins, a large salon and an expansive deck that provides ample space for everyone to enjoy their privacy or to mingle with one another. Adelaïde is the new favorite of our returning guests and those simply wishing to have the most luxurious experience on the Nile. The dahabiya consists of 2 Panoramic Suites and 10 Luxury Rooms. Aboard Adelaïde you will be taken care of by a staff of over 15, ensuring that you are afforded all the luxuries and delicacies we have to offer.


It is hard to overstate the sheer magnificence of sailing down the Nile on one of these glorious dahabiyas, but be assured it’s the trip of a lifetime and a seriously stylish one at that. Seven chandeliers illuminate the deck, while beautifully embroidered cushions and sofas line each side. The idea is that you plonk yourself down, then lose yourself in the raft of images that pass before you. It is highly unlikely that any of the Pharaohs travelled in such style.

It takes 6 days to meander from Luxor to Aswan. You breakfast in the sun at the front of the ship, then decant to see something wonderful, perhaps a visit to a Pharaonic quarry or an enormous temple that spent centuries buried under sand. You can walk in the desert, swim in the river, visit a farm, sunbathe on the poop deck, and if the wind is blowing, great sails will be unfurled and you will glide across the water in serene silence. Rooms below are small, but you’ll spend your time up on deck, and they are also sweet, with super-comfortable beds and screens to defeat mosquitoes. As for the crew, they’re as good as their boat, a highlight of your cruise.

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