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Cairo Attraction



The Name we use today derives from the Pyramid of Pepy I at Saqqara, which is Mennufer (the good place), or Coptic Menfe. Memphis is the Greek translation. But the City was originally Ineb-Hedj, meaning "The White Wall". Some sources indicate that other versions of the name... Read More


Khan El Khalili 


Khan El Khalili Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in Egypt, begun in the late 1300s. It was named after Prince Jaharkas Al-Khalili, who was one of the powerful Mamluke Princes in the 14th century. It is famous for its unusual, typically oriental souvenirs, and handmade crafts.... Read More


The Citadel & Mohamed Ali Mosque   


Mohamed Ali Mosque is one of the most interesting Mosques i nEgypt. It stands proudly on the highest point inside the courtyard of the Citadel of Saladin. The Citadel of Cairo was built by a lieutenant of the Ayyubid ruler Salah Al-Din between 1176-1183 as a royal residence and military ..... Read More


Sultan Hassan Mosque     


Sultan Hassan Mosque is one of the extraordinarily wonderful Islamic Monuments In the Islamic World. If Ancient Egypt is proud of the Pyramids of Giza, Islamic Egypt has to be proud of the Sultan Hassan Madrassa. It was built in 1356 AD and the work continued for 4 years...... Read More



Dahshur Pyramids located about 30 Km to the south of Giza Pyramids, at the southern wing of Saqqara. The Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid are about 2 km south of the Mastaba Faraoun. The constructor of these pyramids is thought to have been Snofru (2575 - 2551 BC), who was the first ..... Read More

Al Refa'i Mosque       


The Mosque of Al Refa'i is located in the Qala'a square in front of the Citadel just facing the great Mosque of Al Sultan Hassan, Rifai Mosque is considered one of the remarkable Islamic structures in Cairo. In 1869 Husayn Fahmi Pasha al-mi'mar a prince from the royal family who went  ..... Read More

El Moaz Street      


El-Moaz Street is one of the best medieval architectural treasures in the Islamic world. It’s one of the most amazing streets in Islamic Cairo it dates back to the Fatimid era and has almost all types of Islamic architecture decorated with Arabic calligraphy. ..... Read More

Pyramids of Giza  


On the West Bank of the Nile facing Cairo rise the Pyramids of Giza erected by Cheops, Chefren and Mycerinus the largest pyramids in the Giza Plateau. The Pyramids are considered as the oldest one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, tallest man-made structure in the world..... Read More



Sakkara is one of the most extensive archaeological sites in Egypt. It was the cemetery for Memphis, the capital of Ancient Egypt, yet it is still one of the intact archaeological sites, despite the fact that so much has already been found here. Saqqara features numerous pyramids..... Read More

Egyptian Museum   


Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo is considered to be one of the oldest, most famous, and largest museums in the world.  The Egyptian Museum houses thousands of artifacts dating to different eras among which the famous collection of King Tutankhamen ..... Read More


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