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 Adrère Amellal


A The Adrère Amellal is beautifully nestled at the foot of the ‘white mountain’, surrounded by a pristine and untouched nature that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Groves of date palms and olive trees shade cool freshwater Roman springs and the salt Lake surrounds the ecolodge as it glistens before the dunes of the Great Sand Sea. The Adrère Amellal is situated 16 kilometers from the downtown of Siwa, where all the tourist attractions are located.


Adrère Amellal Eco Lodge is a timeless escape to ancient Egypt, freeing you not just from the mundane rituals of your daily routine, but from the clutches of the modern world as you know it.


Adrère Amellal is host to 40 rooms all built in the traditional Siwan style, walls are made of saltrock and palm is used for the roofs. Every room is unique, combining distinction and authenticity. The earthen buildings blend naturally into the landscape, and all furniture and crafts pay tribute to the talented local artisandship. Other special features include ancient olive and palm groves, slow bubbling Roman springs, and an exquisite cuisine that includes traditional dishes cooked in honey-glazed clay pots.


With no electricity and no telephone (cell phones are not permitted outside the room), Adrère Amellal is in perfect harmony with its natural sorroundings. Torches, beeswax candles and infinite stars illuminate the setting, while old style braziers warm the cool evenings. A plethora of activities are available with the only limitation being the desert's mood: relaxing by the pool which is fed by a natural spring and is free of any chemicals, refreshing oneself by Lake Siwa, discovering the sand dunes of the Great Sand Sea, travelling back in time on Old Shali and its historic fortress, or horse-back riding among palm and olive groves.


Adrère Amellal attracts travellers who are looking for unique, high quality, environmentally and socially conscious accomodation. The ecolodge's distinctive guests, which have included Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, are a testament to its success. The uniqueness of the location, the architecture, and the visitor experience continue to attract coverage by reputable publications, bringing international recognition to both the ecolodge, and the Oasis at large.


There is no electricity, but you won't miss it from the luxury of a palm shaded spring-fed Roman pool, just steps away from the endless Great Sand Sea. The lodge has been designed to rely on solar and alternative energies, and to recycle the waste and waste-water it produces. Food prepared at the lodge is organically and predominantly locally grown.


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